White Dove Release is owned and operated by Michaleen Nikolich. Our goal is to make your event one of the most memorable occasions of your life.

Michaleen has a BS in Biology & has worked with animals and wildlife for years. Her love for avian species began as a wildlife rehabber at the Northwoods Wildlife Center in Minoqua, Wi. She is also an experienced Vet tech and has worked for: The National Park Service doing Sea Turtle research, The US Dept. Of Agriculture APHIS division, and The University of Montana in their Animal Science dept. Not to mention her volunteer work with Asian elephants weeks before the tsunami in Thailand.

Even though we use our doves for the release business, they are still an important part of our family, therefore the safety of our birds is extremely important to us. We do not train or release our birds in rain, snow, extreme wind, heavy fog or haze. All releases must be completed one hour before sunset to assure the birds have ample time to return home prior to darkness.

Our Wedding Day Doves and Funeral Doves are Pure white and are hand selected for your release. These trained white “Rock Doves” are used for all humane releases. Unlike domestic ring neck doves, our birds possess a natural “homing” instinct. It is this instinct augmented with extensive training, that allows them to return safely to their loft following a release.

  1. White Dove Release will gladly coordinate the release in advance with your photographer.
  2. A representative of White Dove Release can meet with you prior to the event to organize the release.
  3. We insure that each event will have a knowledgeable release coordinator who is dressed appropriately and who will be 100% reliable and on time.
  4. In the event you have chosen to do a hand release, you will be instructed in advance as to how to properly hold and release the dove and are always welcome to come out to our home to practice.