About Our Doves

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Our doves reside on a few acres just north of the historic Woodstock square in Illinois about 50 miles Northwest of Chicago. Their home consists of a 18x24 building which is referred to as a loft.

Our doves are highly intelligent birds that have been trained to return home immediately following their release at Weddings, Funerals, Memorial Services and other Special Events. The doves we use for releases greatly differ from the domesticated ring neck doves that are frequently sold in local pet shops which don’t have the ability to survive in the wild if released.

The doves each have their own personal perch within the loft and their own personal breeding box. The birds are permitted free loft exercise each day (weather permitting) which keeps them in excellent physical condition to make the return flight from their scheduled release locations.
Our doves love to fly. Their daily exercising, outside of their release events provides them the freedom to take long flights away from home simply because they love flying. When the birds are released at your special event they are not being forced to do something they don't enjoy. They love flying and we are proud to share their beauty with you and your guests.

Each of our birds is banded with seamless numbered bands that can be easily traced on the internet if one of our birds should become lost or injured on the way home. Each of the bands displays our name, address and telephone number. We have invested a lot to insure the safety of our birds while they are performing at your special event and therefore adhere to the following release policy for the safety of the birds:

We will not release our white doves INDOORS.

We will not release our birds AT NIGHT.

We will not ship our birds by mail for self-release.

We will not release our birds in INCLEMENT WEATHER such as rain storms, fog or snow where visibility is decreased.

We will return deposits for cancelled releases due to "Acts of God".

We will not release our white doves beyond a range from which they are able to safely fly home.